Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, about the only good thing I can say about today is that we had a delicious supper.

Actually, I could say a few other good things about the day, here and there, but since I felt tired and burned out and missed my mama, there's not much else to say.

I didn't want to cook, but we live too far away to order pizza or take out Chinese.

Thank goodness.

The menu plan was stirfry. We had GFGP's cabbage, some of our onions, carrots and sliced pastured pork, a bunch of garlic, and even bigger bunch of shiitake mushrooms from Randy, soy sauce and a splash of toasted sesame oil.

All sauteed in the wok until the cabbage was tender and the musky mushrooms were just right.

I love that stuff.

The boys joined me out on the deck. The 90 degrees dropped quickly to a lovely 60 degree something. The girls ate their supper while watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

There is something amazing about the combination of earthy mushrooms, lean pork, sweet cabbage and carrots and pungent onions and garlic. I can't say I feel great or anything, but it did lift the depression a few degrees. Rose passed on the mushrooms (good for the rest of us) and Nora had pbj on spelt milk and honey bread, but for the rest of us, cabbage mushroom stirfry is comfort food. I hope you will try it someday. Can't guarantee to completely heal depression or the blues, but I do believe that eating real food grown by real people you know does make you feel better.

The boys and I decided that as long as we have a package of pork from our farm, some onions and carrots, cabbage, garlic and mushrooms, long with a jug of soy sauce, we are truly rich.


Tall, G, nto so non said...

Brioche, nice and chocolatey brioche. What are the chances of finding some of this at the Grandin market this Saturday? I figure that if I'm going to pry myself out of my secure surroundings and drag my bi-polar depression out in public, I should get as many of your products as I can. Can't wait to taste your breads, and I have been dreaming about the brioche.

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Don't hold your breath, waiting on the brioche! That is kind of like waiting on Haley's Comet.

Anonymous said...

I was so craving that same stir fry on this very day, Tuesday. Except mine had to have green onions. I'm going to have to go to town tomorrow to purchase just such ingredients. Now you've started something. And TGN? Don't you dare turn me upside down. ;)

Tall, G, and not so non said...

Here I am holding m breath and waiting for Haley's Comet all at the same time.I'm hoping this "small" effort on my part ill be rewarded with some of the Mystical brioche
We all have a price to pay, and a price we will accept. A garden planting bench, fence work, one great meal for another (I can cook as well as anyone I have ever known).

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Hi pals!

Gosh, I will never be able to make brioche again, for fear it will disappoint when consumers find it is mere bread wrapped chocolate! Mystical. Hmmm.

Lynne, I would have used green onions if I had them. Please also add to your ingredient list some miso paste from the coop. If you add a tablespoon or so and a glug of rice wine or vermouth or something it makes the most silky of sauces with the shiitakes.

Tall, G, N,you crack me up! If I ever get so inspired to make brioche again, I am going to send Lynne over with some to your house. Probably not this week, but someday... Guess you have to pray that I get inspired.

Anonymous said...


I still crave the cornbread you made for us after Cammie was born. THE BEST!!!!


Tall, G, and Hungry said...

Why would I ask for some brioche? Oh, I don't know....let me think for a moment...what were her words..."Very tender crust. Last year I frequently made little baby brioches out of freshly milled whole wheat or spelt flour, farm eggs, Coco's milk, honey from up the road, and wrapped the silken dough around organic dark chocolate. The rolls look nice in appearance, rather unassuming, with their egg yolk and cream glaze. Nice, but not that special.

UNTIL that first bite. Tender roll embraces molten chocolate.

Definitely special."
I pleade for brioche, and more than one.

Webbs said...

Contented to hear you are eating comfort food. Been praying that this transition period for you all is going well....comfort food is an important thing!
Love you guys!!

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