Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Rain is Raining

The rain is raining all around,
it falls on fields and streams.
It rains on the umbrellas here
and on the ships at sea.
RL Stevenson

I can't believe it can be raining so long and so hard and it still be frighteningly hot in our house.

Dear friend guests from NJ have arrived. Karen and Mark and their three kids and Lynn. Mark and the kids are terribly bold. They have set up their tents between the tractor shed and milking parlor. They have rigged tarps. They have a plan. Lynn, Karen and I will happily sleep in our hot, but dry bedrooms.

Right after the tents were set up, we picked a bushel or more of the remaining corn, shucked it on the front porch and I cooked it. We ladies cut most of it off the cob for freezing. The rest of the corn we consumed right on the cob, along with green beans and venison/beef burgers. And plenty of fresh cold milk.

Kids had fun gathering eggs, moving chickens around and watching Patrick milk the cow while we ladies finished the corn project and washed up the kitchen.

It is a joy having our friends come for a visit. They don't mind the rain, the not quite finished chores, the heat. They come because they love us and they love the farm and we love them back.

None of us are complaining about the rain because we need it so badly.

But it is rather humorous that the first really long spell of rain just so happens to fall on the first day of their camp out on the farm visit.

What brave people they are!


Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

I saw your story in the Roanoke Times. I was bummed they didn't put the link to your blog after they mentioned it, so after googling everything I could think of, I found theblueridgegal.com talk about you last february and linked over here. I've spend the last hour learning more about you and your family. I just wanted to say hello and tell you that i'll be back. :D

Tall, Grey, Nonbeliever said...

I was delighted to hear that there are still pioneers in this world who are willing to face the elements, and not back down. Hope they didn't get too wet. You always seem to have so much on your proverbial plate, and still smile and reach for more. I promise to show up at one of your sales spots one day before deep winter.

Tall, Grey, Nonbeliever said...

Having little to do today, I backed up and read many of your blogs. You are amazing! Little reason people like to help you. Its like lending aid to an angel. I don't think you would know how to complain about something, or someone. You look for the sunshine in every thing you do. Things that would have crushed others, seem to make you more certain to persuvere. I really don't think that in all of the thousands of people that I know, there is none that could equal you. Lynne Florin, aka ChurchLady, was a wild child when she first moved down here, but she is now a true believer, and spreads her faith wherever she goes, would never be able to survive without Puff. I use this as an example because she is the only one we know in common. You astound me with all your strength and energy.

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Hi Heather! Welcome to the land of milk and honey. Glad you found us. Hope to meet your face sometime.

Hi again, Tall,
Must assure you that I complain on a regular basis. Gripe, yell and be mean. And I do love Lynne very very much. And Larry too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tall, Grey, Nonbeliever...

hmmmm.....Puff? I'm thinking you know me pretty well. Not just anyone (especially other men) is allowed to call my 6 ft 4 in hunk of man "Puff".

And I'm thankful for both my husband AND my sweet friend Ginger. I don't know what I would do without either of them. Many blessings. the churchlady

Tall, Grey, Nonbeliever said...

I tried, but I can't see you in my mind's eye running around in a circle screaming and shouting. You would forgive before you reach boiling point.
.........and Lynne, he is just a big ole Puff Muffin that my daughter calls Uncle Puff. Sounds funny coming from a woman with two sons...