Wednesday, August 11, 2010


August. Hot, steamy days. Thunderstorms rolling through.

The thunder is rolling, echoing, promising. The willow tree waves in anticipation. At a little past 8 it is almost dark. Flashes of lightening decorate the ridge. I think I will have to go sit on the porch and watch.

By the way, the moon is hiding these recent evenings. But the big dipper is not. I have enjoyed catching a glimpse of that most lovely and recognizable of constellations, hanging towards the north.


Beth said...

We had a rather grand thunderstorm last night---I was so happy for the rain.

By the way, speaking of the sky, don't forget the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight!

Jeff said...

Did you ever find out more about what caused the moon rising phenomenon that you wrote about earlier? said...

Hi Beth! I looked for the Perseid Meteor Shower, but must not have looked long enough. Shucks. Hope you got to see it.

Hi Jeff, no, I did not. I asked an acquaintance whose husband is an astronomer and he thinks maybe I saw the moon at two different angles? I still remember distinctly seeing it set all the way down, then an hour later rise up. Was it a hallucination? A weird trick of the eye? Who knows. I guess mystery is the spice of life. Hope you are well.