Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today feels like August in the Adirondacks. Moist. Cool. Quiet and still.

The market was pleasant. Nice and steady. Plenty of customers happy to brave the drizzles and get out on a cooler than normal morning. Slow enough to get in some nice visits. Farmer's Market is social hour.

Instead of taking a nap, I elected to have lunch with a couple of girlfriends in town. We talked about happy stuff, sad stuff, bewildering stuff and crazy stuff. There is nothing like good girl-talk. I meant to come home to rest and clean house while the kids joined our church friends to see a live production of My Fair Lady. The camaraderie was very relaxing.

Home is quiet with the kids out. The willow trees are absolutely motionless. Moisture hangs in the air and the animals graze solemnly. Even the guineas and geese and roosters are quiet for the moment.

Never fear. Everyone will be back home in a few minutes to help with chores, straighten things up and get ready for bed. Noise will reign.

But for now, peace. Quiet, calm, cool.


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Anonymous said...

Quiet, calm and cool sounds good. I just let Nemi in and felt like the oven is on outside. Still in the high 80's at 9 p.m. Dog days of summer are in Texas.