Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Job Security, or Queen of the Garden Hoe

Yesterday I drove up and over the mountain to one of my jobs. Blackie joined me as I hopped out of the pickup truck, grabbed gloves and went to work. I weed, mulch, and basically love on the vines growing at my friend's vineyard. The vineyard is located at a setting about one mile high in elevation. As I work, the birds sing in chorus, the breeze gently blows. Sometimes, not so gently! My muscles are happy to be doing what they were designed to be doing, the motion a meditation, as I work to be fully present in my here and now.

As I struggle to loosen the hard, West Texas soil to remove tenacious Johnson grass, woven tightly around the vines, I hope the soil in my heart will be soft and loose. I wonder what is strangling me? Do I need to create more margin in my life so I can access the peace, the nutrients, the moisture, without such competition from weedy distractions?

Most of the time the sun shines, the clouds make me marvel, the peace makes me thankful.

How lucky I am! I get to choose my work. I am thankful. Some people have to pay to make their bodies work the way they need them to function. They are stuck in an office, grey cubicles. Yes, they might make a bit more money, the insurance and retirement benefits might be more generous, but, oh, how glad I am of my work.

And now, off I go. Up and over the mountain. Blackie and maybe Brownie in tow. Sunscreen on, water bottles filled. A chunk of cheese and some work clothes that don't mind getting dirty. A sense of security, knowing that I am queen of my universe for at least a few minutes. :)