Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life is a Race


Got up, milked the cow. Went to the Middle School for the final paperwork and the tour. Practiced locker combination opening. Met with teachers.

Rushed home, dropped one child off at a friend's house, picked up other children, went to Elementary School to drop off health forms. Went to Highschool to pick up schedules, meet with teachers, have our first IEP meeting for Thomas, practice combination lock openings, run through schedule and classes, pay fees, then raced home to drop off the boys, switch out vehicles, drove to the General Store to load the 1850 lbs of grains and other goods for our ingredient order, went back home, got in the car and raced back to town to pick up the remaining school supplies, then divvied it all up, trimmed bangs, signed papers, kisses kids and got into my nightgown.

Right when I sat down to type I realized I forgot to milk Coco! She is going to be so mad.

So I guess I will go out and milk her now and enjoy the quiet and stillness of the evening. Glad to be near the end of a marathon day.

In the middle of the running, I realized there was no time for sadness. I think I will actually be glad to wave goodbye to the kids in the morning. Then I will breathe a sigh of relief. After meeting with many teachers, I am convinced the kids are going to be joining up with some excellent educators and wonderful neighbors.

The gray skies and gentle rain made me feel like we were in the middle of fall. Perfect back to school weather.

But now, back to Coco.

Better run.


Anonymous said...

I owuld imagine Coco was very glad to see you. What a day! At least that is done and the new school year begins. What an adventure for the kids, new experiences. It will be great.
Give my love to all,

Tall, G, Non said...

Just what you needed, a full day. Works wonders for emotional problems as you don't have time to think because you are on auto-pilot. From what I've read about your children, they are going to do very well, maybe exceeding what you, yourself expect. Just you and Coco in the moonlight seems like a picture to end the day.