Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apples, Glorious Apples

I enjoyed my extra early morning this morning. At least the part after I got up and ran the barn cat off the deck after listening to her yowl for 2 hours. Why didn't I just get up at 4:30 and run her off then?

So the coffee was extra good and so were the Psalms.

So were the piles of pancakes we finally all got around to eating at 10am this morning.

After taking care of computer work for a couple of hours I reached my limits of niceness. A sassy mouth from a very clever boy (related to me, in fact, very similar to his mother in many ways) turned my tiredness into grouchiness. Being the executive director of the farm, I made the executive decision to leave him and other whiners (I mean, tired children of mine who slept in the tents in the rain, with Coco trying to wake them up and cats screaming) to hang out with our guests (who did absolutely NO whining whatsoever) and clean out the barn.

Thomas, Nora and I loaded up my favorite toy, I mean Larry's pressure washer into the back of the truck, along with some old wooden apple boxes he had given us, and headed down to Bent Mountain. Thunder rumbled and the rain fell, but we didn't care.

I was so irritable, whiny and grumpy myself I figured that it was best for everyone for me to take an afternoon and leave the farm.

We got to the Florin house, enjoyed hot tea and waited a few minutes for the rain to pause then drove over to an old apple orchard. On top of one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen in Virginia. Panoramic view of surrounding valleys, mountains, fields and farms. With a lovely orchard sprinkled on top like powdered sugar.

We hopped out and began to pick, Lynne, Larry, Thomas, Nora and I. The boxes began to fill with blushing green and yellow apples. Of course we had to try one from each tree. To make certain they were ripe.

Some were crispy and tart. Juicy. Perfect for apple pie.

Some were rosy and huge. Glossy and sweet. Spicy.

Pure decadence.

We decided we better bring the rest of the work crew next time. Especially the tree climbers. And maybe a couple of ladders. And some of those poles with little baskets on the end. And sacks for lugging.

And we dreamed of applesauce and apple pie filling and oatmeal with apples and apple cider and hard cider. And my mood completely sweetened. At least for an hour or two. And we were able to cart home 7 bushels of amazing fruit. And we got to see some fat deer. And then dreamed of venison.

Then we got home to a huge meal prepared by Karen and Lynn. Chili with meat and beans and a cast iron skillet of cornbread. Glasses of milk. Peach crisp for dessert. I wasn't going to eat dessert, but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It was delicious. Kids played wiffle ball on the front lawn for hours. Mark got everyone engaged. Even Thomas.

Time to call it a day. Cow is milked. Crickets are chirping. Frogs are peeping and the chickens are settling in for the night. Tomorrow is another day.

PS We are still thankful for the rain, even though it has been rather steady the last few days.


Anonymous said...

I love you.... really. I'm happily married with 4 kids of my own, but you're really my type of woman. Thanks for sharing your life, your insights, your joys AND your challenges.

Tall,Grey, Nonbeliever said...

The rain and all those hot days of this summer have made for some great apples this year, and the peaches weren't bad either. Used to have an old barrel that we would fill with cider and leave in the barn. About Christmas, you could knock the ice off the top and dip your cup in for some mighty fine cider. Warm you all the way down. Glad your guests didn't get a good soaking the other night, and the house should be cooling off for the next few days and nights. Do you have any roof fans, or a ridge vent to let the hot air out during the summer? Oh well, I have to go and see about the Granny Gremlin. She doesn't shout much, but it usually means she can't find a puzzle book

Anonymous said...

PS -- The Anonymous person is really named "Sarah". Just don't blog or read blogs often enough to know how to navigate these things yet. Thought you might be comforted knowing I'm a female.