Friday, August 20, 2010

The Mill

Okay, okay, I will write about other things tomorrow, but please let me say that I am so happy to have the mill running the way it used to, back in the good ole days! What a relief.

I did run the a/c all night to suck humidity out of the air. I think that helped. It certainly felt great. Baked over 110 loaves of bread and over 50 pizza crusts. Made several spelt brownie mixes and 4-grain pancake mixes. Worked too many hours, but was happy to have Lynn Moore's company. She washed dishes and washed clothes and washed bathrooms for me. What a friend. Mark and Karen took all the kids to Roaring Run and Craig's Creek for a hike, picnic and swim.

Thought I should mention that even though I am irritated with our free-range chickens, it is fun to watch them at milking time. They come around for a free snack when Coco is sloppy with her grain. The chicks are full feathered out miniature versions of the mamas and papas. The different colored feathers are lovely. One of the chickens has black feathers with an irridescent blue and turquoise sheen. Reminds me of some of the amazing artwork I have seen by Tiffany at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Today's farm snippets: Sunflowers. They are riotous these days. I think they are the most happy flower. Moon is waxing and rising over the ridge as I type this evening. Will be full before you know it. Sun is rising later and going to bed earlier. Why can't I be like the sun? Bull frog is having a conversation with his wife. Nice and calm. Enjoying their full pond.


Chris said...

So glad the mill is working well again! What a relief. I love the sunflowers, they have volunteered all over my garden. They are so pretty that I don't even mind that they are huge and often get in the way. I carefully cut off all the flowers before I take one out so I can move around.

Tall, Grey, Nonbeliever said...

What's your market schedule again? If you can bake 110 loaves and 50 pizza crusts along with everything else, the least I can do is come to one of you selling days and buy some of your goods. Am very happy to hear the mill is running so well right now as that will be one less item to worry about. Now just get those chickens in order, and marching in a straight line(t'would be a sight to see)