Friday, August 27, 2010


Kids did great their first week of school.

However, I did notice that they were milque toast by the time they got home. They found their quiet places and I worked.

The baking took a very long time and I was still wrapping bread late into the evening. Needed some music, so I put on Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. Nora and Rose noticed me tapping my foot as I printed out labels and finished up the bread wrapping. They decided we needed to dance, so we paused for a 3 minute break and jammed with Van. Made me smile and remember our before and after dinner dances with Philip. I could feel him swing me around and cuddle up to the slow ones.

Coco mooed at me through the screen door as I desperately tried to finish. I couldn't ask Patrick to do a backup milking as he was fast asleep. I gathered the milk bucket and a rag, headed out and got a bag of feed. I imagined Philip walking up the driveway with me, and told him thank you for learning how to milk Coco. I was so proud of him. Not too many husbands out there would learn how to milk a cow. He did it so I could go to India for two weeks.

As I squatted to milk, the black clouds parted and the waning moon peeked through. Bright and happy in the east. To the right of the moon, quite a bit over, hung a very bright star, right over the ridge. No other stars were visible. I wonder if it was a planet?

As much as I appreciate it when Patrick milks for me on baking nights, there is something kind of special about being outside, later than usual, feeling the cool air, instead of the hot bakery oven.

Well, the moon rises, but I descend. Hopefully straight into sweet dreams. Farmer's market tomorrow, bright and early. I hope we can get up and get chores done quickly enough to get there on time for a change.


Tall, G, Non said...

Cudos to you for working all day and most of the night, and still taking time to write this blog. I have grown to look forward to reading you daily blogs with much excitement. Even though I can't get out much, it gives me the feeling of being out and busy. its hard to explain, but I do enjoy each and every one of your missives.

Elizabeth Cottrell said...

Ginger, I have just discovered you and your blog through a cousin who read the recent article about you in a Roanoke newspaper. Knowing my own faith journey and my interest in the Power of Connection, he thought I would be inspired by your story, your honest voice speaking of both pain and faith, your example of trust and relinquishment, and the amazing connection of love exhibited by friends, neighbors and even strangers in response to your loss earlier this year. He was right. You ARE inspiring, and to God be the glory.

In His Love,