Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010


Cow milked. Grain milled. Kids breakfast made. Bread baked. Granola baked. Birthday cake baked. Made it to the farmer's market late and begged for help with my table so I could run back home and help with Nora's birthday party.

Fellow farm vendors are awesome. One of the alpaca fiber ladies sold my bread for me and I was able to come serve hot dogs, sing Happy Birthday, serve cake and watch kids hit the pinata. When I returned to the market, the bread was all sold out.

Hard to believe that my baby is now seven. We found out the news about our fifth pregnancy right before Christmas eve. What a pleasant surprise! We were taking care of Philip's ailing mom and dad. Had just moved to NJ.

Nora was born in Texas in my parent's home. We wanted a homebirth and it was illegal in NJ so we made the journey back. Met up with an amazing midwife who had delivered babies for some of my old friends. My baby sister Christine got to catch the teeny little bundle.

Nora is my cuddle bug. I love cuddling with all the children, but Nora is the one who especially likes to climb onto my lap and be loved on. She is affectionate and perceptive. Nora sees things that others miss. She understands more than most teenagers do.

Nora is the rememberer of our family. Ask where someone's shoes are, she will remember. If I want to remember to take something to someone, I will ask Nora to remind me. She rarely fails. She is also a good finder. On Sunday morning Nora was cuddled on my hip during the singing. As she sang along with the chorus, I was amazed at how sweetly she sang, in perfect pitch. Her words sweetened my ear and made me cry.

Now that Nora is seven, she is growing. Before you know it she will be way too big to hold on my hip. I guess she is probably too big now, but I am going to enjoy her cuddling for as long as I can. She is clever. Learning to read. Great at math. Funny.

School is a transition for her and she is tired, but I think she is going to do just fine. Nora is making friends and loves to play with Boone and Sofie and Meck and enjoys sitting by Micah in her classroom. She is clever and inventive and enjoys creating little worlds during her private play time.


Honora Kathleen Hillery. Named after the Irish great-grandma who came to America. And Kathleen, my mom's best friend and my second mother.


My now sweet little seven year old who is brushing her teeth and getting ready for story time. Better run find our book. I think it is time for a cuddle.


Tall,G, and starving said...

Saturday is brioche and bread day at Grandin market, right? "Very tender crust. Last year I frequently made little baby brioches out of freshly milled whole wheat or spelt flour, farm eggs, Coco's milk, honey from up the road, and wrapped the silken dough around organic dark chocolate. The rolls look nice in appearance, rather unassuming, with their egg yolk and cream glaze. Nice, but not that special.

UNTIL that first bite. Tender roll embraces molten chocolate.

Definitely special."

I really need some "definitely special" right about now. That, or a good ear ruff and a patt on the head. said...

Hi Starving,

Sorry, you are making me laugh.

I am thinking of a story about Philip. When he was a boy, around 10 or 11, his favorite tv show was Combat. An amazing WWII series. I got him the entire set a few years ago, so the kids and I have watched most of the episodes.

Anyway, he was so naughty, his mom decided to punish him by keeping him from watching Combat. He went to her in the kitchen, begging and pleading, weeping and falling at her feet in a fit of drama. Wouldn't stop so she finally relented and he got to watch his show.

There is a story in the Bible about a lady who begged and begged the King until he got sick of her and finally relented.

However, I can almost promise that I am so burned out, tired, exhausted and sad that there will probably NOT be any brioche at said market. Unless you pray for a miracle!

But thanks for the chuckle.

We could all use some special. May the ONE who is the giver of all good gifts fill us up and satisfy each of us with the good stuff.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Happy birthday to Nora! What a great name.

Are you sure homebirths were illegal in NJ? I almost had a homebirth there and don't remember it being illegal but I do remember they discouraged it. In the end, I wound up having both my kids at Familyborn, a birthing house in Princeton. I was one of their first client's with my first daughter in 1983 (when it was actually in a real house) and one of their last clients in 1996 with my second daughter (by that time, they moved to "more efficient quarters"--not really a house but still very homebirth-like). Sadly, I heard they had to close down because they couldn't get insured. I'm sad my daughters won't have the opportunity to have their children there. Hospitals are for sick people. Maybe they'll have to go the real homebirth route.

Polly said...

What a sweet, sweet post. I love how observant you are and how well you know your children. Happy birthday to Nora!

Tall, G, and starving said...

Does your two stories mean that if I fall at your feet and scream and cry and beg, that you will relent and make me brioche? Don't toy with me, cause I'll embarass both you and I by squirming around on the ground screaming and crying for brioche. Everyone will think that you have harmed me in some way. I must have brioche! I'll pay double! Triple!I simplely must have it.

morebutter said...

i love your birthday posts for your children. they are so beautiful and on-point. give sweet nora a birthday snuggle from me!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to a sweetheart of a girl!! Happy birthday Nora!!! We love you, The Charlotte Webbs said...

Thanks everybody for the sweet birthday greetings to Nora. I will pass them along! And Debi, only VBACs are illegal in NJ, I should have specified.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

What are VBACs Ginger?