Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall is Coming, fall is coming!

Hurricane Earl rushed up the East Coast. He sprinkled a few rain drops our way, but didn't stick around our neighborhood.

This morning I noticed that summer was over.

We are still getting temperatures up to the 90's in town, but when I milked, the sky had a color that isn't seen during the summer. And the breeze felt like a promise. Different than summer. It promised that in a few short weeks the leaves will put on their fancy clothes and give us a show. And we will pull out our sweaters and our firewood and start feeding hay.

I have been attempting to bake more to supply the demand. Over a hundred loaves today and 50 pizza crusts. From grain to flour, to kneaded out loaves by hand, I am one tired baker. Can feel that it has been a long season and fall is around the bend. So very thankful to have a job that is my own. That nourishes others and uses my skills.

Very thankful that at least most of the dishes are washed, even if the floor hasn't been swept yet. Tomorrow is another day.

Sat on the front porch for 5 minutes. Noticed that the fireflies are gone. Will miss them.

The breeze is a delicious one. Balmy and gentle.

The hurricane is driving in a nice cool spell which we will enjoy. There are a lot of things I will miss about summer. But welcome, Fall. We invite you to come and stick around for awhile!

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Tall, G, Unabated hunger said...

You're right about the promise of fall iin the air. I mowed the lawn today and even tho it was hot, it was'nt a summer kind of heat. It was all dry and there were a lot of leaves in the cuttings, Wintter can't be far away and I can't wait. I love it when cold weather comes along. The more snow, the merrier. Maybe with cooler weather, I can find some of the Mystical "Brioche".
Don't mean to wish more work on you, but we'll get s taste of whats to come this weekend. Cool evenings at last! Well rub birthday girls head for me and tell her a "Santa" from the valley wished her well.