Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was hot.

A hazy mist covered the hills. The sweat rolled as I worked on my tasks.

A milk customer reminded me that it was supposed to rain this afternoon, but I had a hard time believing it.

The boys were supposed to unload the feed from the pickup when they got home from school, but at some point I went into the bathroom and saw Blackie crouching in the tub. Certain sign of pending thunderstorm.

Sure enough, I ran outside and was able to move the truck into the tractor shed moments before the first drops of rain hit.

The wind became furious. The willow tree thrashed about. Dark clouds and thunder rolled over the Jefferson National Forest and onto our farm, delivering buckets of rain. I raced to the porch, but had to stand at the door. Finally settled on the couch to enjoy the storm while writing a letter. Kids got washed in off the bus. Lethargy turned into happy electrical energy.

Moments later the storm had passed, the rain had stopped and the thunder was a distant echo. But the cooler temperatures felt nice.

And the ducks enjoyed their bath in the temporary stream at the bottom of the driveway.

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Anonymous said...

love it.