Sunday, September 19, 2010


Fall may be coming, but the temps were in the 90's this afternoon. I woke up chilly, but by the time we were almost halfway through our church service under the willow tree the sun had moved directly over my head and did a good job baking me.

I was happy to celebrate Sunday with our friends this morning. Things felt just right as we gathered around for the opening hymn and processional and the strong, masculine scent of billy goat wafted over the altar. Not exactly the kind of incense I would expect for a worship service, but it did seem to fit, in an organic sort of way.

Cliff, a nigerian dwarf buck is over for an extended stay. The female goats are quite happy to see him. Stinky billy goats are a necessary thing on the farm, if for only a short visit, to make certain we will have baby goats and a milk supply next year.

My favorite part of the lectionary today was Psalm 138. We discussed the many reasons David gave for worshiping God and fleshed out the scriptures. I am a teacher, not a preacher, and enjoyed the opportunity to tease out the meanings of certain words. So many words we take for granted.

Church under the willow tree isn't perfect. But I think that there is something perfect about imperfection. The more I read the scriptures, the more I notice the amazing story about all the imperfect people, working it out in imperfect ways, with a God of grace, mercy and compassion, lovingly helping them all along.

After reading to the girls, getting them to bed, I sat down to work on a to-do list. Wrote out the different categories: bakery, home, farm, garden. The list was long. I felt overwhelmed. Then, like David in the Psalms, cried out to God to help me to know how to do the next thing. To remember the big picture. To trust that imperfection on our farm, in our home and church are part of a lovely reality.

One thing at a time.

This evening I took a walk around the garden before milking Coco. The moon was starting to rise. I noticed more okra. Green beans are done. Cherry tomatoes are blooming. The eggplant are still surviving, those poor runty plants. We haven't exactly had a bumper crop, but we have enjoyed a few nonetheless. Peppers might produce a few more. Don't know. It certainly is dry. The ground is looking terrible. Pond is half dried up again. Let's hope for rain!

Well, time to sit outside and enjoy the moonlight for a few minutes before bed. All is still and quiet. Tomorrow is another day. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Ginger, Can anyone attend your under the willow tree church?
Debra said...

Of course. Anyone is welcome! It is a little rough around the edges, but we don't mind sharing.