Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is officially here. Welcome.

The kids and I have repeatedly determined that whoever invented the saying "Don't cry over spilled milk" never milked the cow or the goats.

While straining the milk, I dropped an entire gallon jar onto the floor, and let me tell you, one gallon of milk can cover a lot of territory. The kids rushed to my rescue, grabbing dirty towels from the laundry. Rose volunteered to mop after Patrick grabbed the bucket and the mop off the deck. We picked up broken glass, and didn't cry one tear, but maybe we should have!

Thank goodness for team effort.

The moon is full, it is the autumn equinox today. Hard to tell, when it felt like 90 degrees at the farmer's market today, sun toasting both the bread samples and the baker. I hear rumors that cooler weather awaits us next week. Yeay.

We had a nice market this evening, despite the heat. Slow, but that meant for lots of vendor interaction and bartering. We came home with lots of goodies: tamales, cookies, chestnuts and a gorgeous bouquet. One of our sweet customers brought us Spanish tortilla (a spanish omelet with potatoes.) It was so good I ate a quarter of it with my fingers, savoring each mouthful of tender deliciousness. Yum. What a gift. What could be better than eggs and crispy tender potatoes and olive oil? Well, a glass of red wine to drink along side. Perfect stand around the counter with the kids and the dirty dishes food at the end of a very long day. And I didn't have to cook it myself. That is true love! But next time, I vow to sit outside to watch the moon while I eat such a gift.

So the floor is mopped, the tortilla is gone, the glass of wine finished, the moon is up and time for kids and mom to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Let's hope the coyotes take a trip to the other side of the mountain tonight.

PS Funny things that happen on the farm:

I was taking a shower to get ready for the farmer's market. Took my hair out of a pony tail to wash it. Found two big old burrs tangled in my tangled mess of hair. Wondered how that happened since I had been working indoors since 4am this morning?

Then I remembered that while I milked Priscilla and Coco this morning they both whacked me with their tails and the tails stuck to my hair like velcro. I guess that they both left me a present. BTW, we decided to take Priscilla away from the nursing calves who need to be weaned so we can have some extra milk in the freezer for winter months. Such a good girl. Both girls behaved very sweetly for me this morning. With the exception of the occasional tail whack across the back of the head. I hope the babies (not really babies, but very big adolescents) will quit their bawling.


Tall. Grey, and hobbled said...

I haven't left any words to be wary of lately cause I did a stupid thing. I cleaned the basement steps of the accumulated acorns and leaves to make them safer to walk in. As I returned the broom and dustpan to the basement,I caught my toe or my heel and fell head first down the steps. Now I am trying to do my chores and light typing with my left hand only, as my broken right shoulder is very unyeilding. Please keep up your wonderful blogs as I can read with either hand said...

Hey there, Tall. I am SO very sorry to hear about your accident. Hope the recovery goes quickly.

Anonymous said...


You need help with anything? I can always volunteer Puff or Cammie.

Blessings, buddy.


morebutter said...

i must have picked up your brainwaves on the tortilla. sunday morning i woke up and immediately thought that's what i should make for breakfast. i put cubanelle peppers from my garden and some capers in mine. speaking of peppers, my habaneros and serranos are going crazy! i plan to make hot sauce, and i'll be sure to set aside a big bottle for you.