Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Night

Today was a blustery day. Earl blew by us and left us holding onto our hats, our hair, our market tents.

He also blew in cooler temps and lots of customers to the farmer's market. We were sold out of bread before 11 am this morning. I am so grateful for the many customers who go out of their way to swing by and buy our breads. They could get cheaper bread much more conveniently at their local supermarket. I am thankful they get it from us. It is hard to believe that we have been able to get a business going that makes enough money to pay bills. It is a miracle, really. A miracle that involves many many human hands. The ones who helped us buy more equipment, who help me with the kids when I need it, the ones who come out to wrap bread on occasion and run buy butcher paper when I run out. The ones who hang with me at the market and drive Patrick to the other market.

Really amazing when you think about how God uses so many people to do little and big things to make a miracle.

Anyway, market was blustery, but pleasant. Patrick sold out too. We came home with peaches from Gwen Ikenberry, peppers from a Botetourt farmer, eggplants from Thistle Dew Farm and the Anselmis(I just can't get enough eggplant in summertime!), and some potatoes and onions from Raymond. I think for potluck tomorrow we will have roasted eggplant with garlic and olive oil even though we have it at least once or twice a week. Maybe we will throw in potatoes and peppers to mix it up a little. Rosemary? And a nice frittata. We have plenty of eggs in the fridge. Frittata is the italian version of the omelet. Frittata with peppers and goat cheese. And some of Hillbilly Heaven's pesto for good measure.

It is hard to have so many great ingredients around and not think about food all the time. Maybe I am hungry because we cleaned house instead of eat supper tonight. After washing so many dishes I didn't have it in me to cook. Everyone grabbed what they could. I had a handful of cashews. Plenty good, but Sunday dinner will be much better, God willing!

By the way, it is cool this evening. Clear skies and lots of stars. Entering the dark phase of the moon. Perfect for planting fall root crops, if I were so lucky as to be able to plant garden right now.


Tall, G, and still hungry said...

I found out today that I have to get out erlier if I am to get anything but bread samples. They just served to make me want loaves all that much more. I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I must have about 4 different flavors. Lynne told me that I have to get my mother situated earlier and get out there quicker. My mom has level five dementia and I have to get her up and fed each morning. She's OK then till lunch time as long as she has something to drink, some snacks and her puzzle books. I'll catch you when you're back in a few weeks, and until then I hope he keeps you and yours safe and healthy.

CountryDew said...

The weather is gorgeous. Autumn is my favorite time of year (once the goldenrod and ragweed stop blooming). I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures.