Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tough Luck

Coco kicked me in the knee this evening.

I was looking forward to milking this evening. Cool air. Bright stars. Chirping crickets.

Coco was sore from calves biting her. She would not let me touch her. It has been ages since she gave me troubles. I wonder if she is wanting to be dried up to be ready for calving this winter. That would make sense.

I was hoping to get at least another month to 6 weeks of milk.

We will try again at dawn in the morning. My knee doesn't hurt too badly. If she really wanted to hurt me it would be worse.

We ate a tough old rooster from the freezer turned into chicken and green bean soup this evening. He could have used another three or four hours in the pot. Good taste, but, let me tell you, those roosters are tough old birds.

Maybe tomorrow will be a sweeter day on the farm. Or maybe not. I read a weather alert that said wind would kick up. There is a fire ban. Fall is blowing in, despite the last ditch effort summer is making with these high afternoon temps.

PS Thomas and Patrick had a great brotherly bonding time on the deck this evening. Patrick shaved Thomas's head.


Right before school pictures.

I bet they will never forget that experience. Neither will I.


Tall, Grey, and Late said...

Sorry to hear you got kicked, but I resemble that remark about tough ole birds. Fall has a better grip on us this year than it had at this time last year. Seems like we might have an early winter and be in to blustery weather the rest of the way. I'd rather take the snow than all of the wind. I have no idea what Patrick looks like, but I now have picture of how Thomas may now look. I think I could pick him out of a family picture at present. Hope all are well and hope I catch you in a week for bread.

Polly said...

oh BOYS! my word. it's good to bond, though....

I hope coco cooperates tomorrow!!

Webbs said...

Horrible! I'm sorry that Coco was in a mood and you got kicked!! Does she not understand the family will continue to need her yummy cream and milk?

Thinking of you, laughing at the thought of Patrick the barber. :) I bet he actually did a great job, and I bet Thomas likes his new look. A win all around!