Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Daddy, Julie and Terri have been keeping the house so warm.

The dark, bare melted spots of pasture are white this morning. As I walked the fields with Kathryn yesterday a heavy, wet, huge snowflake kind of snow fell on our faces and hair as I poured out my heart. I shared with her all the many, many ways that God had prepared us for this calamity, and the many ways I have witnessed the powerful hand of the Lord over the past few days.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon with Rose. I ate two sandwich halves, a few potato chips, a piece of chocolate, had several cups of peppermint tea, a little wine, only part of an early morning cup of coffee, plenty of water. The food didn't taste so horrible yesterday. Not great, but not horrible.

Baby, a Cotswold-Jacob ewe had a little ram lamb yesterday morning. I didn't milk, didn't look at babies, but let others care for me.

The wind is blowing the snow across the window as I type. The turkey is gobbling for breakfast. I think I will make some coffee.


One Day At A Time said...

Good morning, dear friend. I prayed this morning that God would make His presence physically felt with each one of you as you go about your day and chores, that you could feel Him holding your heart. I love you. I am so glad you put down your "memoirs" of Philip from the service, that was such a sweet tribute and I am blessed to read the words again.

belovedsgarden said...

My Darling Friend,

You and your children are in my heart and prayers today. Thank you for sharing yourself on your blog.

I am hoping to come and see you soon.

Love, catie