Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward if you can

Church wasn't as hard today as last week, but it was still hard.

I miss Philip.

I tried to take a nap but the door bell rang and the phone rang, even though I didn't answer. At least my eyes were closed for a few minutes.

There are many friends I have been missing, but don't have the emotional reserve for a long conversation. Am drained.

I think there will be time for those conversations little by little.

Today was a little overcast and chilly. Even so, we marveled at the green fields as we drove to church.

Our dear friend, Rachel Banks got here this afternoon. She helped Daddy do chores and found Tarkheena in the upper part of the barn. With two wet little newborn lambs! They seemed healthy and happy when I went out to check. A little girl and a little boy, mostly black. We told her what a good girl she is. The babies had some spunk. Good sign.

Rose and Nora giggled around the table, rejoicing in the visit of our dear friend. Papaw told them all a story in front of the fireplace after we finished up our ham sandwiches and crackers and the first homemade chevre of the year ( I made it from our goat's milk yesterday.)

BTW, I love Benjamin Franklin and am greatly inspired by his story, but I think I would have to argue with him vociferously in regards to daylight savings time.

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