Friday, March 26, 2010


So today wasn't as hard as yesterday.

Milking went smoothly. I enjoyed the amazing contrasts in color as I squatted next to Coco's warm flank. Chartreuse willow glowed iridescently against the lilac/lavender glow of the woods and the emerald green hayfield. I love the way the trees begin to turn that lovely shade of lavender before they burst into bud.

At some point I had to laugh out loud as I watched the duck wars. The pekin males chase after the rouen males. They appear so serious in their conflict but the slap, slap, slap of their orange feet on the sidewalk doesn't do much for their dignity. I wondered why it is so important for the male species to need such a battle. About that time, the young rams began to ram each other up on the hillside, horns clashing.

Today's agenda involved a drive to West Virginia to pick up our pork and a goat from the butcher. I stopped in several stores to pick up banana boxes for carrying the frozen meat. The Wal Mart produce guy was wheeling out several banana boxes when I asked him if I could have a few. He informed me that now that some poisonous gas is used in the packing of bananas they are no longer allowed to give out the boxes. Hmmm. Remind me to never give my children non-organic bananas again. I finally found a place with some non-poisoned boxes.

The drive through the mountains did me good. I listened to Gram and Emmylou again and sang along. I especially enjoyed the "Love Hurts" song, even though I don't agree with every single lyric. You have to love a song with such tightly woven harmonies, and especially the ending wail. Keening for the pain that comes with love. I felt their pain. Also listened to a cd of Donald Hall reading some of his poetry.

Got home, made a goat meat drop off then watched our homeschool drama coop perform their first production as Full Circle Farm Players up in the barn loft. We parents whooped and clapped and thoroughly enjoyed the production, but after everyone left, Nora especially missed her daddy, so we sat in the red chair and remembered for a little bit.

The rain seems to be over and maybe tomorrow will be sunny and warm.


One Day At A Time said...

Hi sweet friend. Thinking of you all. Praying for you, especially for those moments that hit you when you least expect it. We love you. Congratulations to the drama team. :)

CountryDew said...

No idea about the bananas and found that very scary. Will also now only eat organic.

I think of you every day and wonder how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to eat poison bananas or have really wierd people from Sears Home Service respond to my tears on blogspot. Oh... my. Life is crazy and hard and wonderful. Wow. Everyone needs Jesus. How do we breathe without him. And I love you. From Lynne, your unregistered friend, who thinks you are amazing but not for all of those other reasons said...

Thank you, Laura. Your hugs are the best!

Anita, I am so grateful for your thoughts. I have been telling people that the short answer is, "great." The long answer is, it is harder than I thought. said...

And Lynne, watch out for those bananas, especially the Sears ones! I love you too.