Friday, March 19, 2010


Early this morning I dreamt that Philip and I found out he would die later that night.

He went to help me fix a problem we had with the sheep. He went into his office to take care of some paper work. I went to him and we held each other.

So many people came to our house, Keith and Kathy, Uncle Larry, different cousins and friends. They milled around the tiny house. I beckoned Philip and he joined me to sit on the little couch, putting his arm around me as Keith offered to read some scripture.

Then I woke up.

His warm embrace was so real.


Chris said...

I find it interesting that after such a rough time of remembering death's harsh realities, you were given a moment of peaceful dream warm embrace. I hope you continue to experience some comfort in your grief. said...

Thanks, Chris. Yes, it is hard to comprehend, but in the middle of the pain and sorrow, there is a definite peace and comfort. All mixed and jumbled together.

Polly said...

After my mom's sudden death my father and my aunt both had dreams which involved physical touch and happiness from my mother (in spite of the fact that in both dreams she knew she was going to die). So strange and so comforting for them, and then for me, as they told me about it. I held onto those dreams for a long time as my own solace.