Monday, March 8, 2010


I woke up from a weird dream. Philip and I were at an airport in a different country. He had to hurry and catch a flight, would barely make it to get to the gate in time. He left me to run ahead and before I even expected it, the plane was backing away from the terminal to fly away. I couldn't believe Philip made it in time and started to walk around to the gate to see if he was still there, but couldn't find him. I did find a large grouping of our friends and they and many children were all piling around a group of picnic tables to eat, so I joined them.

I woke up and heard spring birds singing in the forsythia bush outside my window. A different breeze blew. Not the steam engine wind that howls and destroys trees and barns, but a gentle breeze. Even before 6:30 in the morning, the daylight greeted me instead of the dark of winter.

I feel sad. Heavy. Weary and in pain.

But I hope.


akmoose2 said...

It was beautiful today. In this crazy world when we look close enough we can find beautiful. Almost like a present from God. Sometimes it's just being quiet - like the spring birds. You are still in our prayers.

Redhen said...

What a perfect, and perfectly understandable dream! The mind makes sense of events in the most wonderful ways. Treasure those dreams, because they will help you heal.

Aren't they "postcards from the subconscious?"

Anonymous said...

Go on, Ginger! Hope and be strong. He will help you through and gives you Hope every day anew. Receive strength from all those other hands and feet that come to help you. Before you know it, you'll giving your hands and feet to help another one. And you will be blessed.

Today I drove someone to the airport and on the way back ended up in a traffic jam and while driving up slowly I thought of you, prayed for you. I think about you often, dear friend. Love to you & all from Josetta (((hugsU)))