Monday, March 8, 2010

The First Peepers

We worked on digging through papers for several hours. I washed dishes and clothes. Daddy and the boys delivered a goat and two hogs to the butcher. The lambs ran away, so they gained a few more weeks to live on the farm. Julie took the girls to take care a errands for me in town. Later in the afternoon we chased errant sheep. Tried to find the escape route. Didn't. Worked outside without coats on. Watched Rose teach Nora how to ride a bike. Without training wheels. All by herself. We were quite proud of Nora as she even managed to make her way all the way up to the top of the steep driveway.

I found an envelope Philip had stashed with a lock of my hair from many many years ago. Some old photos. All sorts of sweet memories. Cried quite a few tears when I had a few minutes all to myself.

As the dark fell on the farm, Patrick drew my attention to a sound we hadn't heard in quite some time.

A lone peeper woke up from it's long winter nap. The air was moist and balmy, very fragrant. The peeper sounded a bit lonely, but I know that in a day or two, if it stays nice and warm, it will be joined by a chorus.

My favorite farm sound.

We enjoyed food prepared by other hands. We said thanks to folks delivering wood cut by other hands. We turned over paperwork to be organized by other hands.

A chorus of generous help, loving us, blessing us and helping us keep moving forward.

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CountryDew said...

I think about you every day and hope for healing for you. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this is, but I believe you have a great and quiet strength that will lead you through.