Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Near the end of June?

No margin for blog writing means no margin for quiet time.
Need to try to carve some quiet moments out if I wish to maintain what little shred of sanity left me.

I will say that we have one pekin duck who hatched out a cute little duckling. Only one, but it is certainly cute.

And today in the garden I picked a nice bowl of green beans and some jalapenos. Nora picked an onion for my tuna salad. The beets are ripe. The onions are almost ready to pick. The lettuce has bolted. Things are terribly dry, even with the occasional afternoon thunder shower.

Today I also worked on cleaning the barn. Swept, raked and shoveled. I attempted to close off the biggest part of the barn to the animals who have been lounging and soiling every square inch they could find. This heat wave has been uncomfortable for them as well. Even so, I suggested they find a shady spot under a tree, out on the grass.

Another hen is sitting on a clutch of eggs. Guinea mamas are on nests throughout the farm. The rouen mama duck must have lost her ducklings because she is back in circulation.

Days are hot. That means the chicory is blooming everywhere. So is the milkweed. The milkweed is a problem weed, but it is worth having around for the lovely fragrance we enjoy, especially in the moist evening hours.

There are many things I wish to write but for now, a summary so you know all is reasonably well over here. Remind me to tell you about the a/c meltdown at some point in the future. Tata for now.

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Beth said...

Hi, Ginger. It's been hot and dry here, as well. Makes me long for fall. But the chicory and Queen Anne's lace are lovely. I'm not fortunate enough to have milkweed, but I remember its fragrance well, as we had it at our house in Boone, NC.

Thinking of you...