Friday, June 11, 2010

Nose wasn't at the grindstone today.

It was great sleeping in until 6:30 this morning.

It wasn't great not being able to turn on the mill to grind our flour.

It was great having the day to straighten up the house, sweep the floors, tend to some business and be able to cook dinner for the family. Jason's dad took the kids to hang out at Straight Street in Roanoke today so it was unusually quiet.

One of our cow share people came to pick up their weekly milk while I was out milking Coco. When we went in to the house to strain the milk, they were surprised that the room was not full of bread. I mentioned our mill troubles and our friend gathered up tools, took the machine apart and ended up carrying the motor home with him to see if he or his employees could figure out what was the problem.

He understood that the mill is my livelihood and hated to see me have to pay someone to come out to work on that machine.

I cannot begin to comprehend the kindnesses others have shown to us.

You can well imagine that when the kids and I sat down to our Friday night dinner of Jimbo's trout, pan seared with a vermouth, garlic and cream sauce, some new potatoes from our Catawba farmer's market neighbor and a nice fresh garden salad, we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving.

Every aspect of our evening touched by the generosity of friends' hands.

We asked the Lord to bless these many people who touch our lives.

We also asked God to help others who have had their lives turned upside down to experience the blessing of rebuilding and adjusting.

Tomorrow will be weird not packing up to sell at market. We will make milk deliveries to our shareholders and I envision a cup of coffee somewhere in the middle of it. It will be nice if it cools off to be able to mulch the garden.

But for now, I go to bed, tired, but not exhausted. It is good to have a rest.

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And the Lord provides......