Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waning Moon This Week

This morning the sky was dark when I arose.

At some point in the middle of the early baking I looked out the window toward the dark east and saw a waning crescent moon hanging. Thin, barely hanging on, tipped upright, pouring out the little that remained. I believe she will be dark very soon. Thinking about the moon reminded me of one of my favorite fairy tales, "Little Daylight" by George MacDonald. It is a story within a story, At the Back of the North Wind, one of my favorite books. In the fairy tale, the princess, who was cursed by a bad fairy, waxes and wanes with the moon.

I hope someday you will read this delightful fairy tale. George Macdonald was inspiration for many authors I love, like CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Madeline L'Engle and others.

The moon looked sad to me this morning, but I have hope that she will be growing cheerful and full again, probably before I even turn around to notice.

The baking went well today. Except for when the mill overheated and stopped at the very end of the milling. I tried to flip the breaker but that wouldn't work. I left it alone while we were at the farmer's market all afternoon and into the early evening, but I still couldn't get it to turn back on.

I wonder if it is time for me to take a vacation? Will try again tomorrow morning, but I won't get my feelings hurt if I can't figure the mill out right away. There are plenty of other things I can do to occupy my time. Sleeping in until 6:30 in the morning is one of the first things I will do.

Keep you posted.

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