Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer, Moving right along

Two days into summer and I can believe it. Hot, an occasional rain shower, and green.

We are thankful for each drop of rain and even for the heat, because it makes things grow so well.

Today the tractor came home. I wish I could put her to work, but not quite yet. Need to get the brush hog worked over and sharpened up. All this maintenance is going to make me very smart, indeed.

This afternoon's task was delivering milk and locating food grade grease for the mill. The grease gun I had was very small and not locally available, so I bought a huge one. I guess most of you guys would have been laughing your heads off if you saw me try to figure out how to load the blasted thing. I think I unscrewed some wrong part because all of the coiled spring wire popped out. The boys spent several minutes trying to help me shove it back in. I gave up and grew smart enough to realize that they had a better chance of getting it fixed with me out of the equation. We think we got some grease into the mill. I plan on milling and baking tomorrow, with God's grace. Some little tasks on the farm seem so hard, but my friends tell me that they are only hard the first few times.

I remain skeptical.

Bedtime comes early for me this evening. Looks like the animals are getting ready to settle in early themselves. I see Priscilla paused outside the garden fence, three hungry calves drinking up their supper from her generous udder. What a good mama. I think I forgot to mention that Coco and Priscilla have their lovely blonde summer coats on. So pretty.

Another thing, the dragon flies are back. I think they look like fairies.

PS please don't forget to eat your summer veggies. We had ours curried with sauteed deer steak on the side. Started with some of Coco's butter and a sliced onion. Added Terri's yellow squash and our eggplant. Sauteed for a few minutes then added garlic and Terri's tomatoes (she lives in warm Tennessee) and some delicious sweet curry powder. Lots of it. All of it cooked down so nicely. It tasted great with the gifted garlicky venison.

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