Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is this my lucky week or what?

Daddy is home from the hospital. I am relieved.

The temperatures here are not much cooler than Texas temperatures, but we have a lot more humidity in our little valley this week. Thankfully this isn't the norm. I did some garden work very early this morning and still worked up a nice sweat. The boys and our friend unloaded his delivery of wood chips onto pathways in the garden, continuing our work on the no-till garden preparation. I think I read somewhere that sweat is very healthy, as it carries toxins out of the body. We must be so very healthy.

I got such wonderful news this afternoon, I wanted to shout "Wahoo!" Our friend called and told me that the tractor is ready to leave the tractor hospital and come home.


We have received so much help from so many people, it is very humbling. And life affirming.

Awhile back the children and I were talking about the tractor and the many functions it serves on the farm.

I told them we could pray about it getting fixed, but I trusted that God would bring it to us right when we needed it most. What a relief to have our helpful servant come back. Time to mow fields. And cart manure onto fields. And carry heavy stuff in the front loader. Wahoo!

By the way, the moon is waxing. Way past the halfway point. I have a feeling the peaches are going to be ripe about the time the moon is full. I sure do hope that is not during our busy farmer's market weekend. I want to make preserves and put up a bunch in the freezer.

PS We are happy to be eating garden veggies. Roasted beets with olive oil and garlic. Most of the family doesn't really care for them, but bite by bite I am training myself to enjoy them. We also sauteed beet greens the other day with garlic and olive oil. They were out of this world. Much more tender than I imagined and they didn't even taste like blood and dirt like the actual beets. Eggplants are getting ripe and we put some on the grill the other night with my sister's squash. Delicious. The good eating season, if I can get myself in the kitchen to cook. I have to get some of my recipes online for the market newsletter. I am thinking about a Catawba version of Salade Nicoise, with fresh green beans, potatoes, Jimbo's smoked trout and fresh herbs. If I can get it together, I will post it here, later this week. Otherwise, look for it at the market on Thursday.

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