Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There are many things about which I could write this evening.

But I think instead of writing about those things, I will mention that as I walked back to the house from the mailbox, I stopped on the driveway, knelt down and observed a couple of bees at work on the clover.

They weren't honey bees, although there are a few of our old honey bees gone wild. They were big bees. The yellow and black puffy sort. One worked about two feet away from the other. I wonder if they were pals.

They hovered over the clover, working their way, through the delicate white, nectar laden blossoms. No stress. No panic. No sense of being overwhelmed.

Simply and thoroughly the bees worked on their task for the day and made me aspire to be more like them.

With all the other difficulties of the day, I am glad I made the wise choice to pause on the driveway for a few seconds to observe the bees giving God glory by going about, doing what they were created to do.

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