Thursday, July 1, 2010

July the First

We had a great farmer's market at Catawba today. Sold every loaf of bread and pizza crust. It was not terribly busy, so we had enough space for a meaningful conversation here and there and that was very pleasant.

The best thing about today is the cool front. It was 50 degrees this morning on the farm. Brisk. No humidity. Even this afternoon was tolerable after such a horrible heat wave. I came home from the market and took care of the chickens and baby chicks and turkeys. Gathered eggs. Moved the cow. Cooked myself some of Jonathan's red fingerling potatoes with garlic, a jalapeno, cumin and a big bunch of his cilantro. Sat on the front porch all by myself to enjoy them. It was pleasant, but a bit lonely, so I prayed. Called my sister. Had a good heart to heart. Grateful to speak to a grownup.

Baking went pretty well today, despite little farm glitches. The bull and a steer and the two little heifers managed to get into the bottom hay field. The bull and steer went all the way down the field and through the woods to the electric fence separating them from the neighbor's cows. I had to pause my baking to walk the forty acres, cross through the marsh in ankle deep water (oh, why, oh why didn't I wear my work boots instead of my beautiful new red shoes?) to herd the naughty boys back to our fields.

I think the walk did me good. Maybe. The shoes are well made, so I hope they survived. The best part of the walk was the patch of wineberries with a hand full of ripe jewels, ready for me to harvest as I trudged through the briars to get those galoots.

Tomorrow is another baking day, so I had better get to bed. Thankful for the respite in the weather. Thankful for our amazing customers who make the effort to buy from us and help support a local farm. Thankful for grace and peace in the middle of the loneliness. Thankful for a job. And very thankful for a comfortable bed with blankets and a very comfortable pillow and clean water and plenty of food. Praying for the widows in India and Haiti who are lonely and need a clean place to sleep and clean water and a job. Thankful for Nora who helps me to remember to pray for them.

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