Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Evening

The pond is not quite full, but certainly more full than a few days ago. The peepers are back to peeping and the bull frog is back to singing bass.

I had missed them during the dry days.

Sheep are happy to graze in the cool evening. I sat on the porch for an hour this evening watching them work over the upper field.

Farmer's market and baking went well today. It was slow so we had plenty of time to visit with other farmers. The five o'clock wake up time is working pretty well. I notice that I am not nearly as exhausted as I was two weeks ago.

Better go to sleep. But I think I may have to enjoy the coolness of the evening for a few more minutes. The waxing crescent moon is descending in the west. So pretty.


CountryDew said...

Hope the market goes well Saturday. said...

Thanks Anita! It did. And we had a great farmer's meeting with the group afterward that was very productive. And then I got a nap. What more could a gal want?