Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Showers of Blessings

Oh, joyous frogs!

Oh, delighted ducks!

The rain came down, again and again and the flash floods filled our pond.

Everything is green and clean and fresh. I can almost hear the weeds growing. Coco is happy. I love to hear her munch, munch, munch the grass that is green now instead of brown and crunchy.

What a gift is the rain. Nothing like a drought to make one appreciative. Nora and Rose are especially appreciative as they stomp the temporary creek in our front yard that flowed down from the Jefferson National Forest, across the road. I think I will sit out on the front porch and watch them.

By the way, while Thomas and I went to his Asperger's group meeting, Maggie and Nora stayed home and Maggie made her first batch of apricot jam from our friends' fruit off their tree down the road. I am so proud of her. Homemade apricot jam is our family favorite to spread on our signature freshly milled spelt pound cake birthday cake. Yum.

I better head to the front porch and enjoy the stillness. Hope you can do the same.

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