Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Evening

This morning the market was sunny and hot. Humidity weighed upon us as we chatted with our customers. I snagged ice from the cooler to put in my coffee.

All of a sudden, the sky darkened behind our tents and a streak of lightening flashed.

It may have been a quarter to noon, but we all scrambled to put up our goods and take down our tents and tables before the storm hit.

Customers and vendors all worked together side by side, carrying goods to the vehicles and loading up the market gear. The wind blew away the heat and humidity and the drops of rain seemed to sprinkle us with a newfound energy.

It was kind of fun and exciting to work together to beat the storm.

The rain didn't stick around for long, but it did help to drop the temperatures about ten degrees which made for a much more pleasant afternoon nap!

After tending to some animals and having a brief stroll around the farm, I went to the garden to pick some potatoes and some rosemary. Sauteed a delicious trout filet from Big Pine Trout Farm that I dredged in a little spelt flour. Threw in some minced garlic and rosemary and when the trout was almost done, I added some vinegar to carmelize everything. A very fresh potato on the side was just perfect.

The kids are at a baseball game with friends and I am home for a brief spell of quiet. The kitchen is clean and the floor is swept. Sounds like time to take a book to the front porch. The laundry will have to wait.

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