Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Evening

Long day. Hot and sticky.

Market went well. We had great sales and for that I am very thankful. I wondered if someone prayed for our customers to get out to buy bread! The air was sultry. The sweat rolled. A summer shower rolled in, dumped rain for a few minutes then rolled on, leaving us in a tropical greenhouse. Yeay for rain. Great for our fields. Despite the dog days weather plenty of customers came out. What great folks who go out of their way to support us.

Speaking of fields, when I got home this evening, I saw that our neighbor had finished baling the upper hay field. We got close to 35 big round bales up there. Not prize-winning hay, but adequate. It even had some green left in it. He cut the bottom field as I washed bakery dishes to get ready for tomorrow's baking. Hopefully the rain will hold off for 24 hours and we can rake it and bale it tomorrow afternoon. I will try to finish baking early so I can help.

Farmer's market was enjoyable. Exhausting to expend so much social energy, but nice. We all enjoy eating each other's food. I enjoyed Penelope's quinoa tabouli. Yum. Also I succumbed to temptation and bartered some pizza crusts for a couple of veggie chimichangas from Tamales and More. Others enjoyed my bread and Jimbo's smoked trout. Like one big potluck! I was also happy to bring home some of Jonathan's eggplant and more sunburst squash. I think I will stuff them for our company due to arrive next Monday.

Now it is time for sticky people to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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