Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Evening

The bread is wrapped. The dishes are washed. The floors are swept.

Since the kids were home today I made the executive decision to bake a few less loaves and supervise them in some household chores. The first chore was hunting down the cows who escaped from our field, shoved through a fence and were over a couple of little ridges on our neighbor's 100 acres of woods.

Since they worked hard and hiked far I wanted to make sure they had a good lunch, so the boys fried up bacon on the side and then cooked up chopped eggplant, onions, garlic, zucchini and mushrooms in the skillet. A bunch of basil and some sea salt made a perfect veggie lunch.

I have noticed that the last couple of weeks we are eating way more vegetables. And they are all grown by us or by our friends.

Tonight I was too tired to cook but wanted to eat anyway. Thankfully the chinese takeout is too far to deliver so I was forced to make our own stirfry for supper and it took less time than it would have taken to drive to the restaurant. Jonathan, a farmer friend at the Catawba market traded me some of his cabbage the other day. I stir fried it with some of our onions, peppers and carrots and the Thomas's garlic. Added soy sauce and some organic miso paste.

Patrick is milking Coco to give me a break since I washed his dishes. As soon as he is done we will take our vegetables out to the cool evening air and enjoy our supper. Plain fare, and fast food, but delicious. If I had ginger root on hand it would be even better. Nevermind. The sweet cabbage and carrots will be delicious. The kids will have fresh bread.

Not me.

Tired of bread.

See you at the market tomorrow! I am certain we will all find some terrific gourmet treats to enjoy for good health.


morebutter said...

stir fries are the best cop-out meal. sooo satisfying and healthful and yummy. especially with tons of garlic and black bean sauce and brown rice. said...

Hi Holly! I think I was missing the black bean sauce last night.

Why don't you hurry on over for some trout for supper?