Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Evening

Last night I fell asleep with a book before 8pm. It was delicious getting a more than full night's worth of sleep. When 6am rolled around I wasn't even tired. The morning breeze felt so luxurious as I sat and drank my cups of hot tea. We were out of heavy cream, so I gave up the coffee. Drinking hot tea in the morning made me think of my mom.

After breakfast and chores we all worked in the garden for some time this morning. Thomas dug up more potatoes and Patrick picked beets and onions and carrots. Rose requested Mrs. Geiger's recipe for pickled beets so I better ask her. We noticed that the damson plums are almost ripe so I looked up my plum jam recipe. Also noticed a recipe for Damson plum liquer. Rachel and I think that we should give that a try for the holidays!

As we worked in the garden I noticed the smell of the corn tassels. So sweet. Bees were buzzing happily, taking care to pollinate the corn and store up some nectar. I had forgotten about the sweet perfume of the corn.

I took care of town chores this afternoon and a visit to a friend's home. Several decisions weighed heavily on my mind so I went out to the cemetery to think. I have found that the cemetery is a great place to be still and cry out for wisdom. I think I have some answers, and while I am not thrilled about them, I have a peace that they are for the best. I missed being able to work out these things with Philip. Am thankful for friends who are willing to listen as I work them out.

This evening I didn't feel like milking, but went out anyway. The air is cool outdoors and the moon, almost half full, was hanging over the southwest part of the ridge. It was funny to see a hen hop up into a little decorative peach tree, leaving her little hatchling on the ground. She hopped and fluttered, trying to fly up like her mama, but just couldn't reach that lower branch. The mama clucked and clucked. In a minute I will check and see how they resolved their situation.

When I drove in this evening I noticed that the rest of the upper hay field has been mown. Let's cross fingers that it dries and that we can rake it and bale it tomorrow.

The sheep mamas are baaing to the lambies to stop their playing and head to the barn. Time to call it a day. So much more grass to munch tomorrow. They must take a rest. And so must I.


CountryDew said...

Sounds like a full day. I hope that your answers, though bittersweet, prove to the best for you and your family. said...

Thanks, Anita. As you will read, our answers are probably the best choice for the now. And they are bittersweet, but that is okay, too.