Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post Holiday Blues

Folks are tired on the farm, post Spring Break. We tackled multiple projects, had dear friend Holly and our cousin Ned come for farm visits. We put them to work. Other friends came over and helped with barn clean out, bathroom fix, doorknob fix and various other odds and ends.

I have lots I wish I could share, but no energy to do it. I think I tried to pretend that Holly and I would have many more visits here on the farm, when I know deep down that this past weekend might very well be our last. Of course I know we will see each other in Texas and Asheville. We have chopped too many vegetables together and composed too many meals, not to mention all the heart to hearts, stories, poems and tears to not keep this friendship going.

But our time on the farm together has been unique and special. It hurts too much to think about. As she finishes up her first year at Culinary school, I am so proud I want to burst.

Same goes with Ned, different flavor. Ned was Philip's second cousin and godson. He is my age and we share love of story and music and movies. He and his mother, Judith are our family. Being with him without Philip is painful. And wonderful. He jumped in and helped play with kids, moderating sibling fights, played wiffle ball on the front lawn, helped shovel manure, fix fence, wash dishes and tear out a ceiling. While Holly and I watched Julia Child with the little girls it was great to hear him and Thomas laugh and wash dishes. We remembered Philip and cried. We remembered Philip and laughed.

So Spring Break on the farm was good. We went to eat Chinese food at CL Asia in Daleville one night. Saw a movie in town another night. Leonardo's Pizza in Fincastle provided a treat another evening. Blue Collar Joe's for extravagance on Saturday morning.

Everyone worked hard and can see the fruit of their labor. Maybe I will think about goodbyes on another day. And maybe I will get some energy back soon to return to blogging, instead of falling into bed, done for the day.