Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Showers of Blessing

The rain is raining all around
It falls on fields and streams.

It rains on the umbrellas here
And on the ships at sea.

RL Stevenson

(At least I think that is how it goes!)

The rain came for a visit and decided to hang around for awhile.

We have had thunder booms and torrential downpour all night and most of the day. The sun peaks out for a few minutes, and then the storm swirls back around.

Larry and a friend were here this afternoon to help me put sheetrock up to repair the hallway ceiling. The coffee flowed and the work happened and kids busily went to find this tool or that. At some point I looked out the front to see if so and so were on his way back to the house when I noticed one of the ewes standing out in the pouring rain, right outside the barn door. Next to her was a little dark lump.

This was the adorable Jacob ewe, one year old, with the sweetest set of horns and cute little personality.

I had never named her because I knew we had to sell her. But every time I would see her I had to smile. Since I was in the middle of helping with the ceiling project, I sent Maggie out to the barn to investigate. Sure enough! The sweet young thing had just delivered a precious little ram lamb. Maggie picked up the fellow and mama followed into the barn, to join Sissy and her little fellows in the nursery.

As I pondered that sweet little ewe with the precious swirly horns, I decided I had to name her.


The only name that came to mind that brought me images of cuteness and precious delightfulness.

I suppose I will post a picture of her on Facebook as soon as I get around to it, for those of you who wish I put pictures on the blog. Sorry. Not going to do it. But Facebook is out there and you are welcome to check it out!

Annabelle. What a fun surprise on a terribly rainy day. It certainly is a good thing that most of the time sheep, cows, goats and other mammals know what to do when it is birthing time and rarely need our intervention.

Anyone out there want to buy the most adorable little mother on the farm?

PS Patrick gathered up a dozen of the hens who went with Larry over our mountain and then up and over theirs (Bent Mtn). Larry has built the most fabulous of hen resorts on their property and these girls have no idea the upgrade they are about to experience. Well, actually, they are probably getting settled in and are wondering if they died and went to hen heaven. I hope they lay many delicious free-range eggs over there on Bent Mountain and that many omelets are enjoyed. Wonder if I can figure out a way to send a few sheep and goats that way??? I just know Larry could figure out a way to fence in goats. But could he convince Lynne and Emma to milk them? Hmmm.


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Annabelle is a great name!

Lynne said...

Got six eggs yesterday, one of them the most beautiful Robin's egg blue. We ate four of them this morning. YUMSTER!

I think I would say NNNNAAAAAA about milking goats though.

We'll leave that to the real farmers, not the mid-life posers. XO