Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sultry afternoon made me feel lazy. Hot and sticky, I laid around and read a novel. Nora and I hung out in the peaceful quiet.

As the kids returned home in the evening, I watched a thundercloud form on the top of our ridge. It boiled up like a pot of oatmeal, ready to spill over.

And sure enough, as the dark descended, lightening began to flash. I had to run out to the deck to watch. Lightening bugs flickered all through the woods. Soft thunder boomed in the distance and then a subtle breeze kicked up. All of a sudden the sticky sultry was gone and electric energy pulsed through the valley. Lightening and thunder rolled and bounced from every side and raindrops chased me to the front porch.

Have I ever mentioned that lightening storms are one of my favorite things?

Wind transformed from gentle breeze to slamming freight train. Raindrops grew into a downpour, slashing my window panes.

Lightening continues to decorate the farm, but the wind in the trees is louder than the thunder. I had better disconnect the computer and settle in for the evening. But I just had to mention how lovely our ridge is at the beginning of a storm. And how electrifying storms are a gift. Nora and I said a prayer for the hikers up above us on the Appalachian trail, hoping that they are safely tucked in a nice shelter during this storm. May they be granted safety and rest and a dry place to place their heads this stormy night.

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