Monday, May 16, 2011

Another of My Favorite Things

I love sitting on the front porch with my coffee in the early morning hours. Sometimes it is still chilly enough for a little blanket. I take out my Bible, Book of Common Prayer and journal. These past few mornings have been lovely. Moist and drizzly. The fog hugs the mountains like a shawl. The farm wakes up and I hear song of cackling hens, waking rooster, snuffling dogs and George, the turkey. These days there are more birds than I can count. This morning I swear I heard a mockingbird calling just like a baby goat! I know it was a bird and not a kid because of the location. "Maaa! Maaa!" Made me remember a mockingbird who learned how to copy the sound of our house alarm going off in our historical home in Fort Worth. Seemed like that system was forever being set off by kids, cats or winds jostling old doors and windows. That bird would go off and I would leap, wondering what set off the alarm this time, and could I get it turned off before the police officer arrived!

Those are amazing birds. I could be mistaken. All those songs are coming from here there and everywhere. Swallows dip and swoop over the damp morning lawn and I wonder how many pounds of bugs have they consumed over the last couple of weeks? Reading David's poetry in the Psalms is especially sweet when served with hot coffee and lovely May morning on my front porch.

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