Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gardening Always Makes Me Feel Better

After writing my sad post earlier today I prayed for guidance.

What to do today? The list was too long, so I took a nap. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. Even lazy. But I was so tired, weary, I decided to listen to my body, trusting that I really am a hard-working person, no matter what the little voice inside my head shouted.

Chance of thunderstorms was 75% for the day. But somehow the storms held off. I grabbed Nora from school, we ran into town to Target to get a phone to replace the one that got broken in our deconstruction project. And a few other odds and ends. Ran into my dear one (what a gift, Lynne!) and shared smiles, hugs and even a couple of tears. I asked Nora if there were anything else we should do before heading into town.

"Flowers, Mom. We should buy some flowers," she suggested.

I thought about it and headed straight to Lowe's. I know. It would be better to go to our local nursery, but that was miles away and Lowe's was 1/2 a mile away and handy. So we compromised, knowing time was limited. I bought some geraniums and more salvia, since some I planted last year had started to come back and I wanted some more pretty color. We toured through the garden zone and vegetables started leaping into the cart. I know. We should probably have planted them by seeds, but for some reason, my energies are otherwise directed and I was happy to compromise even more.

The rains didn't come, so I headed out to the garden. A smile came to my face as one by one kids joined me out in the yard. Patrick brought composted soil out to the beds with the tractor. Then waste hay for mulch. We didn't get everything planted, but we got a nice start.

It was the perfect medicine. The sky grew dark. The wind picked up. Rose put a couple of frozen chicken pies into the oven while we continued. (Thanks, Pie Lady!) The air was too delicious to go in and do homework. Old cardboard and newspaper from the recycling box went out and onto the garden beds, piled high with old hay, Ruth Stout style. (Please check out any of her books or old magazine articles, she is my hero!) All of a sudden I felt better. I wondered if one of my girlfriends was praying for me and the kids?

I finished up the milking as the rain drops began to fall. Breeze blew in positive energy and kids were happy to wash up and sit around the table, gobbling down Lisa's Cheezy Chickn and Cordon Bleu pies with a plain salad on the side. I pulled out our book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Patrick brushed my hair and rubbed my back and Rose rubbed my feet and gave me a pedicure. Thomas listened and laughed. Nora cuddled with me. Maggie drew a picture. Thunder rolled and Blackie ran to his post in the bathtub. Rain came to soak in the new plantings and I felt grateful. Didn't even pay attention to the baskets of laundry sitting on the edge of the dining room. Maybe we will finish them tomorrow. Especially if the rain keeps on coming down.


Chris said...

I worked the last three days in the garden, long hours, much was done. I love gardening, it makes me feel so grounded. I'm very happy for the rain. Frost is predicted tonight. There is much I must cover.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for over a year now, but have never posted. I admire your spirit and lifestyle and bravery. The last paragraph in your post brought such a sweet picture to mind of you with your sweet children all clustered around tending to you. Just heartwarming!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and Maggie. I have fallen in love with Angel n her doe. I'll be back this weekend for more.I'll call you first. Thank you so much!

gingerhillery@mac.com said...

Hi Chris, isn't gardening the best. Every form of therapy should include it, in my humble opinion.

Hi,Anonymous! Thanks for your sweet comment. It makes me feel humbled that you are joining in on our life journey. I hope that something in it will encourage you in yours.

Debra, I am so happy that you have fallen in love with Angel and her baby. Maggie is absolutely thrilled about it. Give me a call or email and we can work out a time for later. Tomorrow would be great!!! It makes us thankful to know some of our favorite animals are going to live with friends.

Lynne said...

Je t'aime.