Monday, May 31, 2010


We are waiting on the rain to stop and the bottom of the garden to dry up so we can finish planting.

We are waiting on the rain to stop for a few days to figure out a solution to the flooding issues in the barn.

A friend of mine is waiting for her baby to be born.

Our family is waiting for my almost 99 year old grandpa to healed. One way or the other.

I listen to the thunder and the falling rain and wait for the washer to finish its load so I can put it into the dryer and start another one.

So much waiting in life and birth and work and death.

Some of it so ridiculously trivial, some waiting so hard it nearly crushes the spirit and body.

We don't have to wait much longer on the ripe cherries. I ate a bowlful, straight off the tree before the thunderstorm hit. Sweet black fruit, almost too good to be true. They are getting a bath right now in the downpour, but once it dries off, I will drive the suburban under the tree and we will collect them for pies and jam and black cherry jalapeno sauce.

I pray that our friends and family who are waiting the hard wait would have some moment of sweetness, like our black heart cherries, to surprise them in the meantime.

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