Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Love Roses.

Julie is here, so that means productivity on the farm.

Thomas and I ran into town to pick up some quickrete for a project. Kids and Julie stayed home and moved chicks to barn. Made butter. Folded clothes.

While we were at Lowes I decided to buy flowers. Coco is now being milked in the new milking shed, so I want to make the yard beautiful. Salvia, yarrow, and TWO rose bushes (thank you, Judith!). We also got some sweet potato plants.

This afternoon Thomas cut down some dead trees, he and Patrick mixed up the quickrete and took care of a job for me, and Julie and the girls and I planted flowers. We then got sucked into making raised beds for the sweet potatoes. I have never before in my life planted sweet potatoes, but we love to eat them. I was told that the Beauregard variety works well in our area. I seem to remember that sweet potatoes like sandy soil, so we added a little sand to the equation. We then sweet talked Thomas and Patrick into bringing us 8-10 bales of hay to mulch the regular potatoes which are coming up nicely. Maggie planted some more things in her garden bed and I was so proud to see her work to make raised beds so she can have a no-till garden next year. Rose worked on preparing her soil in her garden beds and planted radishes and beets. Nora helped plant some marigolds. Patrick prepared another raised row for the next row of corn he wants to plant. Thomas kept on bringing more and more hay for mulch.

Once I get started on the garden I hate to stop. But Julie reminded me that we had to eat, so I forced myself to quit. But we were all pleased with the new landscaping, especially the yellow climbing rose bush and the purple salvia and petunias. So pretty. My soul needed to see something pretty growing by the back door.

Speaking of pretty, I saw the first fireflies tonight. They must be the ones come early to the party. I welcome them.

Thunder rolls down the valley tonight. Lightening flashes join the fireflies, or lightening bugs, as we called them when I was a kid. I wouldn't mind if a shower came to give our plants another watering. As we planted I worried that they might die. I prayed to God that our flowers and sweet potatoes and other things would live and give us joy.

The cold weather has moved on and balmy spring is back. Bull frog sings the night through. I am glad for Julie and Allen's visit. Because of her motivation, I have roses planted. Now if we can only keep the gate to the yard closed so Coco doesn't eat them all up!

Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Fireflies... hmmm.. i do remember them in your garden, in Madison, after prayer meeting. The first time in my life I saw fireflies... Memories of evenings covered in prayer.. as we sisters drew together to bring our loved ones before Our Mighty LORD Yeshua HaMasshiach. Those are sweet memories of a time I hold so dear. Hugs you, dear Ginger - keep praying for you!