Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night on the Farm-living large

After eating getting home from the farmer's markets this afternoon we all shared lunch in the living room. At 3pm. Another farmer's market vendor gave us some of her delicious chicken pies. We were so grateful for the nice meal and some time to sit together in the cool shade. The day turned hot and steamy.

We did a few chores.

I took a short nap.

We did a few more chores then I took a walk.

Weeded the carrots. It is hard for me to walk through the garden without spending some time pulling weeds.

As I weeded, Patrick went for a cruise on his homemade raft. The pond has an infestation of snapping turtles.

They eat our ducks.

Patrick has been wishing to catch some for dinner.

When he found a nice sized turtle, he called out for assistance. I alerted the other children and all the siblings ran out to see what was going on.

Maggie grabbed the net.

Thomas went to assist.

Nora, Rose and I watched from a distance.

It made me happy to see all 5 children excited about their "caught" meal. Patrick made a call to his grandpa to ask for advice on how to harvest the meat. I am letting them work it out, promising to cook whatever meat is harvested. But not tonight.

Doesn't take much to entertain this family on the farm with no tv!

The air outside is moist. Warm. My bedroom temperature is over 80 degrees. How can I store up some of this warmth for the brutal winter months???

The sounds coming in through my window are entertaining. 5 kids, deep almost man voices, excited girl voices, lots of adrenaline. Glad it is them and not me. Think I will find a book to entertain me for the evening.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I'm Sandra Grasty's mom-in-law (Joshua's mom) and just wanted to tell you that I checked out the link on Sandra's blog page today that brought me to your blog, and must say how much I've been enjoying reading it! I'll be back to check it out more!

Debbie Millman said...

once my step dad made us some turtle soup and told us it was beef stew. it was quite delicious, but i'll never forget how angry i was when he later told us it was turtle stew....good therapy subject:)

Beth said...

Sounds like my kind of Saturday night, except for the catching snapping turtles part. :-) I'm a wuss when it comes to snapping turtles.

I've never had turtle meat. I'll be eager to hear what you do with yours. Does it taste like chicken? :-)

Jeff said...

I share your thoughts on TV - an abomination if ever there was one. That and video games, iPods, and the lot that keep folks from interacting, face-to-face, with other people. Community destroyers, all!