Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rise and Shine, Please

Steel gray clouds scud across the sky. They are headed south; a migration, slowly working their way over the mountains, feeling the nip of the autumn wind at their heels. Dawn has yet to come. But I can see a glimpse.

I enjoyed my omelet breakfast this morning. With shorter days and longer dark, the egg supply has diminished to next to nothing. I know we could set out lights and extend the egg season somewhat, but for some reason we never do. The bright early sunshine mornings filled with never ending omelets are screaching to a halt as we struggle to get up in the dark. Now we enter oatmeal season. And watch dark clouds sweep along and give thanks for socks and sweaters.

1 comment:

Polly said...

I love how your breakfast season changes with the actual season! We too are short on eggs these days and have entered baked oatmeal and chocolate gingerbread breakfasts.

But omelets are so, so good!