Sunday, October 24, 2010


This evening some friends came over to help me reattach the camper top to the truck. Tomorrow I plan to load up three lambs and take them to the butcher.

I thought I might pen up the fellows this evening, but after a quick walk about, decided that morning with the help of the kids before they take off for school would be a better economy.

Even so, the walk out to the fields was a gift to me.

What is better perfume than the smell of grass, with a note of sheep's wool, leaf mold and moist, late October air? The leaves are so beautiful, green rapidly replaced by browns and golden with a little dab of red here and there. While the sun was up, I was happy to be out in short sleeves.


Even the heifers could feel the fall energy as they and the rest of the herd walked up the field to the barn. They frolicked and cavorted, kicking up their heels. They gave each other kisses, then returned to their work of munching grass.

I stretched out my arms to embrace it all and spent a few minutes loving on my farm. I wanted to drink it all in.

How could a person have such a deep and grand affection for a little spot on the huge globe? Marigolds glowed, the chickens contentedly clucked and dogs wandered about by my feet. Blue sky turned dark, I moved back inside as the cool, moist air fell onto the evening.

Sentimentality set aside, I began to tackle the job of going through old homeschool literature, setting aside a give away pile, determining the keepers. Sneezed old book dust. Listened to Nora read. Felt energized to do necessary tasks, thanks to a few minutes of peaceful restoration.

I wish everyone could realize how valuable it is to spend even a few minutes outside, looking at the marvelous world that surrounds them. Sky, trees, plants. Just breathing the air for a few minutes, noticing the seasonal smells helps to center me and give me enough ummph to keep on moving.

Now, it is time to read some more of our book. Tomorrow let's hope the lamb loading goes smoothly. The drive to West Virgina should be amazingly beautiful. Perhaps I better make sure to schedule five extra minutes to sit at the top of the mountain on the drive home to breathe.

Good night.

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