Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Frost

There was a nice frost covering the farm this morning, with temperatures hitting the thirty degree mark. After getting home from the farmer's market, I headed out to the garden and picked a few red tomatoes and checked out the sweet potato patch. Looked like things didn't get bitten too hard. Too bad we don't have a few more weeks. We have loads of green tomatoes and baby peppers.

Chickens and ducks ate quite a few sweet potatoes, but it appears that they left us a few. Which is wonderful, since I have grown to adore roasted sweet potatoes and olive oil.

Before heading out to the garden, I had a wonderful chat on the phone with my former Spanish and French professor from college. Isn't it amazing how true friendships can last for decades? Since it was so sunny and warm, I took the call out on the deck. And watched the asian ladybugs swarm around the house. Rose went out with a jar to collect them. Maybe she should start a business selling them, except I would hate to be a part of an industry dealing in invasive bugs.

Those bugs are crazy. Look back to November 1st,2008,in the blog to find a very funny story in the comments by Ross about his ladybug experiences!

After mentioning Indian Summer the other night in the blog, I did a little research. Looks like a true indian summer occurs after the first frost. I suppose today would qualify. 70 degrees outside, warm sun, slight breeze. Couldn't get much prettier.

And speaking of pretty, when we drove onto the farm this afternoon, I said to the children that our firewood pile looked much larger than it did early this morning. I guess a firewood fairy came while we were out. Wow. And there were three different people who came up to me to give me a gift today at the farmer's market.

Isn't it strange how humbling it is to receive? It is hard. I can't pay everyone back for all they have done for us. I feel like we don't deserve the help and others are in more need. What to do?

Say thanks? It is so inadequate.

I am grateful for the many gifts we receive every single day. The gift of the warmth. The gift of the seasons and colors. The gift of our garden and our food. Our friends. The labor of others. Firewood. Money. Broccoli. Fish. Hugs. Phone calls. Running water.

I know this is rambling, but I felt the need to record a few little things before moving on in our day.

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CountryDew said...

I don't remember when we've had frost so late. My tomatoes are usually gone by the end of September, but I'm still picking them, too.