Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer?

Today was balmy. So is this evening. It was nice milking Coco in the darkening evening with short sleeves. Before you know it, we will be donning coats and hats. Jupiter was bright, over the ridge. The crescent moon was spectacular in the west. Every day brings more color to the farm.

I took a vacation day today and stayed home from church. Woke up early. Went back to sleep. Luxuriated in laziness. Made coffee. Spent a very long time reading the Bible. Cleaned my room while the girls made waffles. Organized a few things. Filed papers. Washed laundry. Ate tuna fish on the deck with Nora.

Amazing how great it feels to spend the entire day at home. I feel refreshed and relaxed. Yesterday we had a great day at market, and when I got home, Jason's dad was out working on my garden. I joined him for a while, finding rows underneath the weeds. The soil looked great. Not much feels better to me than soaking up the sun, working out in the garden. God bless Jason's dad for investing in us!

Then we drove to Bent Mtn to a party out on our friends' property. Bbq, all the good stuff to drink, panoramic views of the Blue Ridge, a bonfire, plenty of friends, old and new and the most amazing sunset I have witnessed in a while. Sometimes it is hard to make the effort to drive somewhere far, but am I ever glad we did. I believe God made us to spend moments together with our community, and also moments alone, with our thoughts.

What a lucky girl am I, to get a decent dose of everything I needed this weekend. And with enough time this evening to dive into a good book. Monday doesn't look nearly as daunting when we carve out some margin in our weekend. Maybe tomorrow we will put our NEW PRESSURE WASHER to use! You know how I feel about pressure washers. Look out barn, here we come!

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Those are the best days when you just laze around in bed reading. Sometimes I have to force myself to leave even if it means going to a friend's barbecue.