Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gentle October Rain

A gentle October rain is falling on the farm this morning. Silvery green willow is brushed with a little gold dust. The woods along the stream glow through the strands of mist. Each day reveals more and more of their grey limbs.

I can never decide which is my favorite part of my favorite season.


I think each moment is my favorite part. Right now, the riot of colors contrast so beautifully with the remaining green of fields. Seems like we typically get our hard freeze by now. Must be about to strike, anyday now. Then the fields will get with the program and set aside the green outfit for a more suitable wheaten color. Cows, goats and sheep are eating grass with a vengeance, they must know the green is soon to be gone.

The sound of rain is sort of bittersweet. It is the perfect accompaniment to the remainder of my pile of paperwork. The house is still and quiet. I am almost tempted to open up every window, try to get the temperature down a bit and light a fire in the fireplace. Almost, but not quite. We have plenty of fireplace days ahead of us. Guess I better get to the retail sales taxes, the winter budget, and farm plans for the next season.

More later!

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