Saturday, March 19, 2011

Very Final, Absolutely Last Day of Winter, at least for now

Today was a beautiful day.

We had a nice breakfast with Rachel and then got to work loading up trash to go to the dump. I suppose I should say "transfer station" since that is what it is, now. A quick lunch of peanut butter or scrambled egg sandwich, then off to the barn.

Well, at least part of the gang went off to the barn, with a handful of volunteer friends. What kind of friend would come over on purpose to help move manure? A very good friend indeed. Spring barn cleanup has become a tradition for us and our pals.

Another set of friends stayed in and did deep cleaning on my kitchen. Another set came and helped me and Thomas move a ton of clothes out of the attic, sort through and load up bags and bags for Goodwill.

I was happy to head to the barn because believe it or not, cleaning out the barn is one of my favorite things. It was a joy to see Patrick supervising friends, everyone doing an amazingly efficient job with the end of winter cleanup. Just think, six years ago those kids had not a clue how to muck out a stall, let alone clean out an entire two story barn with over 4000 sq ft. As we swept out the loft, I resolved to organize a barn dance for our friends this summer, if it is the last thing I do on this farm. Live music, lights, and our friends.

I finished up the loft by myself, and found myself in tears. I remember coming to the farm with our realtor. He and I took a walk through the barn as we waited for other clients to finish the house tour. We climbed the steps up to the loft and my eyes grew large as I looked at the huge expanse, dust motes glittering in the streaks of sunlight. At that very moment, I knew we were standing in my barn. I didn't need to take a look at the house. I figured that one way or another we could deal with the house, as long as we owned that beautiful barn. I told the realtor as much and he smiled knowingly, suggesting that perhaps I ought to tour the house, and get my husband to come down from NJ to take a look before I made an offer.

I smiled knowingly, knowing full well that my mind was made up and that Philip would agree 100%.

I love that barn. Spending time up there today made me almost change my mind about selling the farm. If only I could get my parents to move into our house, I would move out to the barn. I could fix up a corner for my apartment...I know, I know, Mom, it is just too cold here. I know. But I can daydream, right?

Some customers dropped by to pick up their loaves of bread. It was fun to take their daughter around to see the baby animals. Other customers dropped by.

All in all, a satisfying day. Mixed feeling stirred into the equation.

Is that how it will be for the next few months?


Anonymous said...

Think of days like this as making memories for time to come.

Polly said...

praying for that special person out there who will love your barn as much as you do. it's a grand thing, that feeling of Home.

Chris said...

I love barns. If you'd like help with your barn dance, I'm well connected that way.