Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grass-fed Beef

Rachel and Jason came over with their kids this evening. Boone spent some time rafting on the pond. All the kids played wiffle ball on the front lawn (we sure are thankful to our friends, the Schmitters from NJ who introduced us to such a wonderful sport!). It wasn't exactly warm, but it was not cold and the kids played hard out of doors.

The Thomas's brought us some of their grass-fed beef for supper. Chuck steaks, my favorite. With canned garden green beans and roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips, we had a feast.

I have heard that some widows feel left out by their married friends once they have no husband. That dinner invitations cease to come and social life dries up. I am so grateful for my dear friends. There have definitely been lonely days and nights, but not because I have had no invitations. Many dear friends of mine have been good to invite me to lunch, to come over for supper. I hope they all have a clue how much I treasure them.

PS The spring peepers are deafening!

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